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Monday, September 28, 2020

Sapphire Light

The Best Whitening Dental Clinic In Beirut Lebanon : Sapphire light Teeth Whitening

bleaching-sapphire-crystalThe sapphire whitening system is made by Den-Mat- they are the same makers as Lumineers. This system uses a very powerful sapphire Plasma Arc light along with a professional grade teeth whitening gel. The sapphire bleaching system is one of the fastest and most effective professional solution on the market. It's completely safe since the bleaching gel is thick and stays stable at the "teeth areas" of the trays. Thus it does not drip over the gums.

Benefits of Sapphire Whitening:

  • Safe: Sapphire tooth bleaching gel and laser won't hurt your gums and teeth.
  • Quick: The Sapphire whitening system can be completed with a 60 minutes procedure.
  • Convenient: With the Sapphire professional system you can complete your treatment in one easy office visit.
  • Reliable: Den-Mat supplier of the Sapphire system has been leading the way in tooth bleaching technology since 1974 so you know it's a brand you can trust.
  • Effective: Sapphire tooth bleaching program can work for just about anyone. It is clinically proven to whiten teeth 10 shades.


Does the Sapphire bleaching light produce a heating effect on the teeth being whitened?

The Sapphire unit filters out the infrared emissions created by the plasma arc light so that it does not create a heating effect on the teeth being treated.

How long does it take your dentist to perform a Sapphire teeth whitening treatment?

The teeth whitening procedure takes about 60 minutes to complete.

How does the combination of the gel and the sapphire light work?

The 35% H2O2 gel is first applied to your teeth. The sapphire light activates the gel and propels the stain removal process.

What are the individual steps of the Sapphire ™ Chairside teeth whitening system?

The procedure your dentist follows when performing Sapphire whitening system treatments does not vary greatly from general steps for the typical professional teeth whitening process.

Does Sapphire have an at-home kit?

Yes, Sapphire gives an at-home kit that has custom fitted trays. Depending on the condition of your teeth, the at-home kit may take from a few days to two months to give your teeth luster and brightness. The trays are pliable and tabbed.

How safe is the Sapphire whitening system?

The bleaching gel is thick and stays stable at the 'teeth areas' of the trays. Thus, it does not drip over to the gums. there is also a desensitizing agent to reduce tooth sensitivity after whitening.

Where can I get Sapphire Teeth Whitening Done?

Currently, the Sapphire procedure can only be done through a licensed dental office.

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