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Monday, September 28, 2020


What is a biopsy?

oral-pathology-biopsyA biopsy is a simple surgery that removes samples of soft tissue or bone from the body. In the case of dentists, this may be gum tissue, a tooth, or a jaw piece. Biopsies are performed when the dentist or the physician wants to take a look at the sample in the laboratory. The goal is to find the sources of the abnormalities or lesions. They may be caused by illnesses or injuries. The lesions may be in the area of soft tissue or bone that looks abnormal.

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Laser biopsy By Ferrari Dental Clinic Beirut Lebanon


There are two types of biopsies and they are the incisional and the excisional:

Determining what type of biopsy will be performed will depend on several factors.

  1. Incisional biopsies: If the lesion is large and there is a chance that it is malignant or cancerous, the dentist will remove a piece of tissue from the lesion and sample it.
  2. Excisional biopsies: If the lesion is tiny and the dentist thinks that it is benign or not cancerous, he will remove the entire lesion altogether such as aphthous ulcers (cold sores).
At Ferrari dental clinics a laser biopsy is routinely performed.

Laser excision with biopsy for tongue growth


Mucocele laser removal


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Biopsy Fibroma removal Beirut Lebanon by Ferrari Dental Clinic.m4v


The advantages of a laser biopsy are:

  • Incisional or excisional biopsies cause no diagnostic problems because of collateral thermal damage of the specimen from the laser.
  • Minimal damage of the epithelial tissue.
  • Low inflammatory reaction.
  • Quicker healing process.
  • Lower risk of scarring.
  • Minimal bleeding. Minimal discomfort.
  • Less postoperative pain. There are sealed off nerve endings, so recovery is less painful.
  • Surgery could be achieved in many cases through topical anesthetics.

Benefits of Aphthous Ulcers and Cold Sores laser therapy:

Aphthous ulcers and cold sores look similar in nature They are small painful lesions or sores around the mouth and lips, and can appear for any number of reasons, including trauma to the area, stress, illness, fatigue, or hormonal changes. Studies have shown that laser therapy will immediately relieve pain caused by these irritating mouth blisters and speed the healing process considerably. Your dentist will focus the laser on the affected area during the treatment, reducing pain and preparing the lesion for healing. Not only will the sore clear up in three to four days — much faster than the estimated 14 days for traditional treatment — but research has shown in the past that no other canker sores will ever appear in that spot again

Aphthous lesions laser treatment


How is a biopsy conventionally done?

Numerous methods can be used to collect tissue samples from the oral mucosa for histopathologic examination. Performing biopsy with a scalpel is the standard and generally produces the most satisfactory specimen. Other techniques include the use of a needle, biopsy punch, biopsy forceps, or electrocautery device.
If there is a lesion in the bone then you will need access to it. A drill can be used to remove bone that is covering the lesion and then the tissue over the bone is stitched closed afterwards.

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