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Friday, September 25, 2020


Ferrari dental clinics, headed by Dr. Habib Zarifeh considered to be the most rated dental clinic for dental tourism and holywood smile.


Filling in the gaps

17 Nov '08 | Healthcare / Features

"The huge turnover for us comes from dental implants," admits Dr Dr Habib Zarifeh, owner of the Habib International Medical Centre in Beirut. "This is the most requested service.

Bleach culture

Oct '08 | Healthcare / Interviews

Dr Habib Zarifeh is the owner of the Habib International Medical Centre in Beirut. "A majority of the clients that come through my door for the first time are looking for teeth whitening services," he reveals. "For them it is a low-cost way to achieve the smile they really want."

Dr Zarifeh uses discounted bleaching to tempt new patients, even writing it off as a loss-leader against high-end aesthetic treatments. "They get the whitening done and then I can offer them other cosmetic procedures," he reveals.
Once the patient is aware of elective cosmetic treatments, agrees Langroudi, it is much simpler to up-sell additional options. "Immediately the patient is more self aware. The patient still has crooked teeth, they are just much whiter."
He adds: "Bleaching is part of a bigger cosmetic plan and is like decorating a house. The minute you finish painting one wall, the rest of them look out of place and will need decorating."
Zarifeh believes that all dentists should be aware of how important whitening can be to practices breaking into the cosmetic market.
"Bleaching is the first thing that patients do. It gets them on to the whole idea of changing their smile," he says. "It no longer becomes a 'you need this' relationship, but an 'I want that' relationship."

Tooth tourism

20 Aug '08 | Healthcare / Features

A handful of states are already showing up on the tooth tourism radar. Jordan nurtures a quietly flourishing trade, largely built on its cut-price dental costs (around 90% cheaper than those in the US). Lebanon, known for its cosmetic appeal, attracts the majority of inter-regional trade with a number of dentists citing tourists as a regular revenue stream.

Money is certainly the main spur for overseas patients visiting Dr Habib Zarifeh, owner of the Habib International Medical Centre in Beirut. "One Canadian client told me that for the cost of two implants at home, he could afford to holiday in Lebanon, get his implants and still have spending money to spare," he says. "The treatments here are cheaper than the US, Canada and European countries."

... main spur for overseas patients visiting Dr Habib Zarifeh, owner of the Habib International Medical Centre in Beirut. " ... keen to take advantage of the reasonably priced dental services, explains Dr Habib Zarifeh. "They even invite their families here to do all kinds of treatments, in both dentistry ...

Rania- A journal of socio-cultural variety- is a monthly magazine of Beirut, and it is distributed in Kuwait - Bahrain - United Arab Emirates - Jordan - Egypt – and Lebanon

Issue 58- January 2010 ferrarimagazines1

HIMC Hazmieh International Medical Center" dental department headed by Dr.Habib Zarifeh specialist in Oral Surgery, Implantology, Laser dentistry – Biolase-, and certified Lumineers dentist.

Dr. Zarifeh says:... " We Are The Only Official Affiliated Lumineers Cerinate Clinic in Lebanon"... " Our Patients will receive a 5 years international warranty for their Lumineers from the Cerinate Lab in the US"...

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